The Brand Happydogvideo ® was founded in 2019 by the love of two young Moroccan entrepreneurs for pets, and the desire to be always surrounded by them.

From the very first collections, the brand and ‘imposed as a symbol of Made in Morocco in the pet industry and has had the intention to become a trusted partner for the customer who seeks, a different article of the ordinary , studied with accuracy to the smallest details, designed and tested in order to be at the same time, comfortable and practical, but also aesthetically unique, high quality for every four-legged!

The “flagship” of this line, for the fall / winter collections, is the production of quilts for our 4legs friends, comfortable, lightweight but warm to the touch in the rendering, made with fillings and materials of the highest quality’ with bright colors, flashy, but also for those who have tastes more ‘classic, with shades’ more’ neutral and always fashionable.

Happydogvideo ®  is a website , not only in morocco, but all over the world, dedicated to the animal world (specializing in pet or grooming), both in store multibrands man / woman.