An Everglades Second Chance

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Let’s face it; dropping your poor pet off in The Florida Everglades is not the best idea. As most know, this location is known for its wildlife, and extreme environment. It is home to deep and shallow waters, various forms of endangered large wildlife, water snakes, and more. Not exactly a place that you’d consider taking your foot long cat or your dog.

Naturally, throughout the Everglades there is a strong ill or be killed’ mentality and if you’re planning on venturing in, it’s best that you take only yourself and anyone who can defend themselves, given the large predatory culture of this harsh location at the heart of Florida.

Another important point to be made is that without the proper resources, survival in this jarring location is quite the feat without resources such as water as well as protection from the sun, and weapons for handling all sorts of animals who would be happy to, well, eat you.

As most know, it’s not easy for a human to survive without the proper gear and experience. The same philosophy applies, even more intensely to small animals that might unfortunately wander into or be drawn into this tough place to be.

In 2016, a rather unfortunate event happened. A small dog, who was later named Powder, managed to find his way into the harsh environment of The Florida Everglades. Thankfully, he was found by the local sheriff’s office, although it didn’t seem the puppy would be able to make it through and recover from the beating he’d received from the harsh climate and nature of the land, as well as an infection in his eyes.

After being given treatment, food, and water, Powder slowly began to make what seemed to be a recovery. Everyone rallied around, ensuring that he was given proper care, treated well, and that all efforts were made so that he would have the best possible chance of making it back from his traumatic trip to the Everglades.

The organizer of Dezzy’s Second-Chance Animal Rescue, Sandra Dezelen, was also on the scene, ready to open her heart wherever it was needed, which she certainly did by opening up her love and resources to this perseverant puppy. Upon seeing the recovery that the animal was making and understanding that he would need a place to live and be loved, she was right on it. Dezelen fostered Powder and continued to help him make a full recovery.

Being a true advocate for animal health and a having a full understanding of the importance of proper veterinary care, she immediately brought in a veterinarian to check Powder’s eyes, to further his chances of healing fully.

Without a doubt, the work of these numerous individuals to keep an eye on the Everglades for people and animals like Powder, the care that was provided by the sheriff’s office and those who cared for Powder, and most importantly his new loving foster mom, Sandra, helped him to make a full recovery and serve as an incredible example of what happens when a community rallies together to ensure the safety of a dangerous location, the creatures that inhabit it, and little loners like Powder who happen to get a little lost.

Thanks to all of them, this happy little dog is living a great life without a care in the world, or a scratch on his back.