Dog is tied to the roof of a car and taken away at the meat market – passer tries to save its life


These terrifying pictures show dogs tied up in sacks and on the back of cars as they are sold at a local market for meat in north-eastern India.

Killing dogs for meat and eating dogs is illegal in India, but the practice continues in some rural states in the north east, local activists report.

Some of the images show a dog tied to the roof of a van at a highway streetfood shack between Kohima to Dimapur in Nagaland, north eastern India.

It was spotting this dog which led photographer Surabhi Jaiswar, 27, to search further for where the animals were being sold for meat.

‘We stopped at the café for a drink and some food. I was sitting at a table, sipping my tea, when I saw something move on top of the van. I starred at it for some time, trying to work out what it was, it kept moving, and eventually I could see it was a dog.

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