Puppy Left For Dead In A Sealed Box Wagged Her Tail In Hopes Someone Would Hear


You cannot turn look at your Facebook newsfeed without seeing ads from your local shelter to come save a dog or cat. Or even see your friend who volunteers there, sharing pictures of the amazing animals anxiously awaiting adoption.

The stories tug at your heartstrings. The things these animals have been through just break your heart.

Can you imagine being out for an evening walk and hearing an unusual thumping coming from a dumpster? Loud enough to catch your attention and just unusual enough to investigate further.

Buried Alive in a Dumpster

Recently, this happened to a young man in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. Peaking into the dumpster he saw a slight movement and heard the sound more clearly.

Instead of seeing the expected, like a wild animal searching for food or a toy on the last of its batteries, the noise and movement came from a tightly sealed box.

This good Samaritan cautiously cut open the box and was horrified at what he saw. Too graphic to put into words in fact. But there was a puppy, left for dead. The dog had obviously been severely neglected, starved and abused. And to finish it off, literally buried alive in a dumpster. Can you

Volunteers to the Rescue

Our hero contacted the Dallas Dog RRR and they sent two volunteers to help out. The dumpster buried puppy was given a second chance at life.

In critical condition, they rushed her to the animal hospital where she received emergency care. Sally, as they named her, arrived at the hospital with a dangerously high fever and dehydrated beyond comprehension. She also had seriously debilitating mange.

Sally looked lifeless, her open wounds tender and sore! But she was a fighter. Through all the pain and suffering, Sally clung on to life. Her tail wagged at the slightest excuse!

A Foster Home for Sally

As this wonder dog began to turn the corner of what was sure to be a long recovery. Another volunteer stepped in to bring hope for her future. After several days in the hospital, foster dog mom, Patti took Sally home with her.

Patti realized that there would be many more trips to the vet as Sally recovered and healed. But she also knew that the puppy had the best chance in a loving safe environment versus a cold, sterile shelter where her significant medical needs would be more than the shelter workers could deal with.

The day of Sally’s homegoing, Patti arrived to pick her up and was showered with kisses. This amazing dog was so excited! Despite the trauma, the abuse, and the near-death experience, this dog instinctively knew she was in good hands. Love and kindness made all the difference in the world!

Sally made slow but definite progress during the time at her foster home. Patti gave her the care she really needed to recover. A few months later, Sally was mostly recovered and mange free!

Forever Home at Last

If it had not been for a curiosity and bravery of the man on a walk, and Sally’s persistent tail wagging, this story would have ended very differently. Alive and well, Sally enjoys life and has a fierce enthusiasm for everything she does.

Sally’s last desire has come to fruition – she’s been adopted into a loving forever home.