showing love to the abandoned puppys

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A poor little puppy was left to die tied on a pole, the puppy seemed to be in a bad condition that needed immediate medical help and if delayed the poor puppy would have died on a pole.
He had a perfect look since he had inherited his short and tiny legs,but that didn’t prevent him from having a big heart that helps him fight for his life from his condition and also from the freezing winter climate in New York City . he was taken to Manhattans Animal Care & Control.

A person by the name Elli Frank heard about the news of this poor abandoned puppy that was fighting for his life tied on a pole, she was really disturbed by this matter such that she couldn’t control her falling tears. she knew that this innocent puppy that was abandoned on the New Years Eve will die if he won’t gets immediate medical care.

The puppy was about 10 to 12 months old and seriously needed medical attention because his medical condition was serious and a young creature like him couldn’t bear much time in much pain. he was having a serious problem with his rectum that needed a serious surgery immediately.

Elli Frank was the founder of the New York City-based rescue Mr. Bones & Co. he hurried to the Manhattan ACC on New Years Day, having great hopes to save that young pretty puppy, she was really worried for him like her own or like she could have worried about her child.

She hurriedly put the young puppy in her car and took her for medical treatment, the puppy resembled a small gray potato and for this reason, Frank named him Tater Tot. He had an extra special walk due to his extra short legs that he seemed to have inherited from his parents. There at the animal medical center, Frank met the Veterinarians in Manhattan who without wasting a single second of time started with the surgery, they performed to put Taters colon and rectum back into place since it had a major problem that could have caused the death of Tater.

Not only did they perform surgery on the rectum and the colon but they also treated his septic abdomen. While Tater was still undergoing surgery he made an ultrasound that really indicated that this poor dog was also having issues of chronic trauma with his pelvis area. in addition, he was having a leakage of blood and fecal matter soon after the surgery was done.

Although the Mr. Bones & Co. specializes in high-need rescues, the case with Tater was very hard for them because he really needed a lot of care and his high rate of medical bill percentage used which was approximately $28,000. they considered it a huge work performing a surgery on Tater but they had no otherwise than to save the life of this innocent puppy.

The loving and caring dog lover Elli Frank made a decision of taking Tater Tot and keep him as her own, this included taking care of his medical bills, she was really a kind-hearted woman by taking this kind of a decision that many people would not take. Frank after that had a hard time with Tater Tot since he was still recovering from the surgery most of his body parts were weak and therefore, couldn’t work as expected. After the surgery Tater Tot had, he was unable to control his rectum thus this would lead Frank into ensuring TaterTot wears a diaper.

She could try to comfort him and make him feel okay by telling him that he had nothing to be scared of while wearing diapers since everybody and every animal poops. Frank had a lot of work to do with the Tater Tot because she was supposed to bath him four or maybe three times a day.

Poor Tater Tot had developed another problem, this time around was his septic, for this reason, he was to go through another surgery, his abdomen was said to have filled with the fluid and this time around the surgery was serious such that even the veterinarians weren’t sure of this young puppy’s surviving chances.

Elli Frank the puppy’s saver and also together with the medical staff members were waiting to hear about the fate of Tater, little did they know that Tater is a great fighter and will eventually come back to life after the surgery strong and sound. he shocked everybody by fighting and pulling through a time duration of 4.5-hour surgery that wasn’t a kind of-of a miracle. The poor and innocent dog that was left to die in a freezing climate due to his condition now fight strongly for his precious life even after going through under two serious surgeries.

That was not all for Tater Tot, he still had to undergo a third surgery, this was to happen in early March. the surgery was specifically to remove his colon for good. he was to be removed the colon because it seems it had a hard and uncomfortable life struggling to fight for his precious life that someone who didn’t value it at first left him by himself tied on a pole in a freezing winter climate to die.

Even after removing the colon from Tater Tot he was still a strong dog that showed everybody that he needed to live and valued his life, he astonished many people including the veterinarians who performed surgeries on him on how he was in good health even after the six weeks span of surgery. He eventually ended up loving the baths that Frank gave him per day and he started living and acting like normal puppies, he even played and behaved like nothing abnormal happened to his body.
Because of Elli Frank, we came to see the interesting and a lovable look of a young puppy that was once a nothing until he met a caring and a loving woman( Frank). He eventually brought a smile to every face that knew the hardships that he grow up with until he became that attractive dog.