taking care of dogs despite their looks


Due to his handicap condition a sweet dog was thrown away by a family who did not consider him as a pet the reason being he was perfectly born, his looks made him be disowned by the family he belong to when he was first born. He was a wonderful pit bull dog who was dumped because he had some imperfections like his left eye was completely blind and also he was born with a half-formed right ear.

He was abandoned at the high kill animals shelter where he was left to die, where he met his friend who was more determined to save him as she was touched by how this innocent dog was left alone,she decided to find a home for him that he will live forever because she wasn’t happy with the fact that he was taken away from his mother and also siblings because of his flaws.

People who don’t care about the well being of animals should think twice about what wonderful creatures dogs are and that they are the perfect pets a family can have, they should not abuse animals or throw them away because they are born with imperfections and not as they expect. those creatures are very innocent just like little human beings and same as we don’t throw away children with disabilities, we should also not throw away dogs.

The woman who saved that pretty dog was called Nicole Horabik, who was working for the North Carolinas Cause for Paws; she went ahead and look for a way to help that sweet dog and thereby she saw the puppy adoption post online. After seeing that post online she knew that she had found a better way to rescue her abandoned friend.
The pit bull helpless dog which she named it as Captain Morgan was brought by Nicole from the shelter to her home, she went ahead and shared the story of Captain Morgan with her friends on Facebook,she took a photo of him and posted it on facebook with the writings that was saying that Captain Morgan was abandoned because he was not born perfect like other dogs. Nicole was a lovely and a caring lady because she couldn’t bear to watch this beautiful creature suffering alone since it wasn’t his will to be born imperfect like others.she begged everyone bear in mind that this little creatures that are born imperfect can be amazing pets.

Together with other dogs that are born with disabilities that were under Nicole’s care, Captain Morgan grew up with them happing and in good health ,Nicole still hoping that there will come a loving family who will find it being human by adopting this poor dog and keep him as their lovely pet and love him the way he is just like any other lovable pet.

Dog lovers like Nicole and others who are just like her are just perfect human beings who don’t see the problem with having such kind of dogs as pets and who commit themselves to taking care of such dogs. Dogs like Captain Morgan realizes the importance of being in a family who care about them despite their looks and ends up loving them and being happy always. Finally, the story of sweet dog Captain Morgan and his caretaker Nicole teaches people about being careful with all animals and loving them as our pets despite their health conditions.